What Pixar does that marvel doesn’t do!

What Pixar does that marvel doesn’t do!

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There is only one problem with Marvel products. They are all super perfect, compactly written, very well executed with amazing visual effects and they bring more and more strange looking and acting superheroes and villains to our world. There is no end to this bevy of new characters. If an earlier report is to be believed, Marvel has all their productions sorted out till 2026. That goes for some sort of planning.

The latest from Marvel, the new installment in X Men series, is fast, well written, well acted and has great visual effects like in usual Marvel movies, but it leaves the viewer unsatisfied wanting for more. Christopher Nolan showed us what great impact an imaginative and soulful story could bring to a movie in the revamping of Batman in the Dark Knight series.  There the computer graphics were not the apparent gimmicks Marvel uses them as to amaze us, but used as a story telling apparatus, where a magical Heath ledger terrified us with his antics and an equally competent Christian Bale enthralled us by his delightful portrayal of Batman.  Everything was about the underlying drama, the struggle between good and bad, the intensity being heightened by the use of Modern technology and its good elements.

When it comes to X men, we have  a bevy of talented actors who are all capable of great performances, but the story has too many elements  in it that they don’t get any chance for ample performances. Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender steal the show here while Hugh Jackman looks tired and bored playing the same Logan for the umpteenth time. But the story shifts focus from one character to the other, one scene to the other that none of the people involved get a scope for performance. This is something Marvel has to think about seriously. Gone are the times when visual effects were a novelty and people flocked to theatres to be amazed. We are dealing with an overfed viewer here.

Now, all of you have seen those amazing Pixar movies. How can you ever forget the poignant Wall E or the uplifting UP. Or Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Monster’s Inc, Finding Nemo. They are all cinematic gems which have played on our heart strings and occasionally does the same still on reviewing. Same is the case with the Narnia series , The Lord of The Rings trilogy or even the crappily written Avatar even though these are not Pixar movies.

Now coming to the Marvel factory, we all know that these movies are great in their visual effects area, the discipline in the story telling and the actors chosen for the parts and how they have acted their parts. These days marvel has started creating a virtual world of their own where one superhero from one franchisee walks into another superhero franchise as if he is going to get a burger from his neighborhood MacDonald’s, or they keep making their heroes mention their counterparts so that each movie is the launch pad or  a pseudo trailer for the other one. Where on earth can you logically bring together a Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and other countless human, superhuman and godly characters together? Yea, it’s possible only in a Marvel world.

But except from a Spider man how many of these multimillion dollar grossers have stayed in your mind? I might say not many. It’s high time Marvel gave us more than the muscle bulging superheroes fighting strange metal creatures and concentrated more on the other aspects of the story. But I am sure no one is going to listen as they are all busty on the way to their bank, while we are also happy as if being fed from your regular restaurant  you know everything about from the time it takes your order to be processed, the waiters’ names, the taste of the food and the time the restaurant shuts for the day.


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