My Superhero!

My Superhero!

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It wasn’t so long ago that I was telling my son, “Don’t worry – I’m right behind you!”

One day, when he was still very young he surprised me; in a very serious voice, that was new to me, he told me not to call him by his first name anymore!  Perplexed and a little concerned I asked why.  It turned out we had a superhero in our home.  He had changed his name to Superman.  I decided this was a good thing.

Did I feel safe? Extremely.  I was surrounded by love, good fortune and superhuman strength.  Stimulating?Beyond a doubt.  Answering the following questions kept me on my toes:  Can I fly into the sun?  Why is the moon big if it looks so small?  Why can’t Cookie, our dog, talk to me?

The wonders of the world opened up to me each day and life was never dull.  Of course I didn’t know all the answers. After all, I was only the mum of a superhero.

After a few days came another surprise. Spiderman told me he was leaving.  I guessed he decided he was needed elsewhere to fight for the forces of good.  I was a little sad that my personal superhero had left.  I was getting used to being surrounded by his protective web of unconditional love and acceptance.

I should have known I wouldn’t have been unprotected for long!

The Red Power Ranger arrived and the great mysteries of life unfurled daily.  My questions to ponder included:  Why do the sleeves of the pajamas I bought for him six months before now only reach his elbows?  Why does he never tire of saying “Mummy, look at me”? Why was I so lucky as to have such a wonderful little person come into my life?  Why would I give my last breath for him?

My superhero dropped his cape long ago and has grown and found different interests.  WWE has uncomprehendingly become his great passion. I am now introduced to Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, RVD, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Edge…. People I NEVER thought I would take anything more than a glancing notice of.

I am now asking him the questions: “How do I do this in Excel?”  “How can I manage Messenger?” “How do you play this piece on the piano?”

He is still my personal hero and I am still right behind him…trying to catch up!



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