Meet the two most famous Instagram couples: Alexis- Jay and Natalia-...

Meet the two most famous Instagram couples: Alexis- Jay and Natalia- Murad; learn how they make money through Instagram and Facebook while travelling and having loads of fun.

Meet the two most famous Instagram couples:  Alexis- Jay and Natalia- Murad; learn how they make money through Instagram and Facebook while travelling and having loads of fun.


Would you like to travel around to exotic locations with your loved one, stay in wonderful hotels and home stays, have loads of fun, all while making tons of money? Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Then meet Instagram’s two most famous couples with millions of followers, endorsement deals and even a book deal. Get inspired!

Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarez:


Think cute, sexy, lean, funny, hot and erotic – they are the embodiment.  Born in Hawaii, Jay is a music producer and photographer and Alexis, who is of Croatian and German descent, is a professionally trained ballet dancer. Both of them began modelling at a very young age, being already famous to a certain degree before they met.

Then they got booked for the same modelling job which Jay had to miss, owing to a small accident. The first thing he did after getting healed (the injury was to his face) was to contact her through Instagram. That started a romantic, crazy and fun-filled journey around the world with millions of (a combined total of 10 Million plus) Instagram followers watching their every move.


What makes them famous?

Both of them are handsome and portray lean, sun kissed, hot bodies. Alexis has a curvaceous figure that’s the envy of every girl and the desire of every boy. Still only 20, she exudes a great vibrancy and readiness for fun and adventure. Heady mix.


Jay, at 21, comes across as self-assured and confident. He is charming, has angelic features, and when he looks at you with his deep blue eyes, long tousled hair falling to his shoulders, you are captivated. Jay is the most perfect boyfriend you could have- strong, caring, handsome, and hot in bed.


Together they make life seem like endless fun. Isn’t that all that youngsters want? No studies, not a care in the world, just undiluted fun.

How they paved their way to stardom:

Jay posted a photo of Alexis on Instagram the first day they went on a date with a caption-“ In need of more days like this”.

As more photos got added, their relationship was up for public consumption, resulting in an overwhelming number of followers. They were the new role models for romance-carefree, adventurous and intimate, fun-filled, erotic, yet endearingly always together.   As more pictures added up in exotic locales around the world like Hawaii, Tahiti, Bali and the like, the couple became influencers on a large scale.  In a way, Jay and Alexis were living everyone’s ultimate fantasy.  Scuba diving, swimming with sharks, sky diving from helicopters, driving fast cars, grinding to each other in night clubs- all the posts were the embodiment of fun. Their youthful unabashed sexy vibe caught on fire in the virtual world.


Jay and Alexis call themselves two kids just travelling the world together. In Jay’s words – “We were the kids that did whatever we desired. We travelled the world without our parents’ consent and did things carelessly. We held our own idea of success instead of what society had for us. Everything’s all mental in life, it’s how you understand your situations and experiences to move onward. I’m edgy, hope it gets under your skin.”

How they make money:


Being great influencers, every photo becomes a carefully orchestrated advertising move. You definitely get inspired to buy a pair of Calvins when you see both of them in bed with the Calvin Klein band of their underwear clearly visible.

Follow them here to see the fabulous photos:

A photo posted by JAY ALVARREZ (@jayalvarrez) on



Hyundai Canada and Express were only two of the many to climb on the bandwagon – Jay shot a stunning video of himself sky-diving from a plane for Hyundai. They saved up enough money to buy a custom-made car and are planning to buy a new house on a beach in Hawaii.  Marriage is not a question right now, though!


Natalia Zakharova – Murad Osmann



In 2012, the world witnessed the Instagram account of Moscow based Murad Osman going viral with the pictures of his girlfriend Natalia Zakharova leading him by the hand to different destinations around the world. The posts which started in Barcelona, Spain soon covered pictures from different destinations like Bali, India, NYC and the likes. These were perfectly frames pictures of Natalia dressed in local wear, with the beautiful cultural symbols in front and only Murad’s hand visible from behind while he took the pictures.


How they became famous:


The series started in Barcelona when Natalia got annoyed each time Murad stopped to take pictures with his iPhone and tries to pull him away. He took the photographs anyway, resulting in the series he named “Follow Me”. The steady stream of pictures framed exactly the same way gives a virtual illusion of a tour of many countries on your desktop- vibrant, dynamic and colourful.


The number of followers on Instagram has escalated to 4.4 million as of now and the couple has grabbed numerous magazine spreads and even a book deal.

They got engaged in 2014. When Murad proposed, he asked an unsuspecting Natalia to pose for a photograph the usual way and when she grabbed his hand, she found the ring instead.

“She said YES!”- His Instagram post read.


The pair got married in June 2015 and celebrated the wedding in the best way possible they know- By adding their wedding pictures to the “Follow Me” series.


Their latest trip to India saw them garnering much more publicity than the usual campaigns for the colourfulness, cultural elements and the colourful clothes Natalia wore.
What started as an accident has resulted in something grand.



How they make money:


Carefully concealed brand endorsements in various posts, magazine spreads and a book deal; add to that the invitations from different destinations and properties to shoot. They have also started their own non- conflict brand of diamonds called ‘Follow Your Love’.


Well, is it time to grab your loved one and fly off?


PS:  When you talk about Instagram couples, how can you omit Justin and Nick, the hot and handsome gay couple from Pittsburgh, whose sizzling pictures are scorching the internet right now?

Unlike Jay and Murad and their counterparts, the Justin-Nick story is that of their daily lives, home, friends, family and their activities in Pittsburgh.

But that’s a story for another day and another post!

PS: Breaking news: – The hotties Jay and Alexis are going through a break-up. Hmmm!


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