Meet the steaming hot ‘chaiwala’ from Islamabad ( Pakistan) who’s going VIRAL...

Meet the steaming hot ‘chaiwala’ from Islamabad ( Pakistan) who’s going VIRAL as we speak!!!

  • Arshad khan, 18 , is a tea vendor from Islamabad in Pakistan
  • Jiah Ali, an upcoming photographer, took his pictures a few days ago and posted them on Instagram
  • He is now, the latest internet sensation and has become a model.

18 year old Arshad Khan was making hot tea at a tea stall in Islamabad, Pakistan when an aspiring photographer Jiah Ali took his pictures. After four days of her posting it on Instagram, he has become the latest internet sensation, earning thousands of likes and followers in Instagram on his verified profile and a modelling contract as well.

The Instagram post by Jiah Ali on October 14 went viral and resulted in #chaiwala being one of the top twitter trends this week.

Arshad Khan, who works in the busy Peshawar Chowk in Islamabad has found himself to be the latest eye candy for women all over the world, with local women who have a chance to meet him at the tea stall, thronging there to take selfies with him.


“At least 150 women have taken selfies with me”. Arshad Khan tells in an interview (one of the many) with a local news channel. He says, he has been living in Islamabad for the last 15 years, with his 16 siblings and parents. He keeps doing odd jobs to earn, like selling fruits, making tea etc. Even though he is famous around the world now, this unsuspecting young man has no idea about what a twitter or Instagram is.

Though not very used to this kind of attention, he is taking everything in his stride with a casual air and a laidback cool attitude which makes him endearing in person as well. When asked by a reporter if he knows which actor he resembles, he says he has no idea. He would like to act in movies if he gets any offers he says. He likes Englishwala movies and would like to act in them.

If you watch the interview, you can see that he is quite a natural in front of the camera and talks with a style reminiscent of actors like Brad Pitt or Sean Connery. With careful grooming and more exposure, he could turn out to be the next find! He has already bagged a modelling contract with the Pakistani online retail site, the site trying to bank on his sudden popularity.


At a time when India Pakistan relationship is tumultuous, this news is bringing a certain lightness to the scene.

One tweet goes like this- “I present you with a chai wala in Pakistan who forgot that he should have been modelling instead.”

“A chai wala from Pakistan is now famous on Indian social media. This is truly Aman Kee Aashaa”- Goes another one.

“Meet the steamin’ hot ‘chai wala’ from Islamabad (Pakistan) who’s going viral as we speak.”- Says another.

Some Instagram posts are trying to create another viral thread by posting pictures of other good looking cobblers, carpet sellers and Pakistanis saying that all Pakistanis are beautiful.

Some are not amused as Arshad Khan has asked money for proper interview, whatever the meaning of proper here is.

The way your luck turns is at times unpredictable!






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