8 Months – hundreds of guests – 7 kitchens – 7...

8 Months – hundreds of guests – 7 kitchens – 7 entirely new menus.

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This is a Menu that was eight months in the making! Wondering why it should take eight months for someone to come up with a restaurant menu? Step in to SET’Z in the luxurious DLF Emporio Mall in Delhi NCR, and you will realize why.


Spread over 27000 sq ft, with five live stations and seven different kitchens, each catering to a different cuisine, a live bar, two private dining-cum-lounge areas, a main dining hall, a terrace lounge for parties and get-togethers and a walk-in wine cellar storing more than 180 brands of imported wines and champagnes (the cellar houses more than sixteen hundred bottles), Set’z rewrites the concept of dining spaces in New Delhi. This is luxury for those who understand luxury. So it comes as no surprise when a new menu makeover becomes a time-consuming and elaborate process, driven by a passion for only the best.

Designed by Super Potato, intricate yet contemporary SET’Z is a lifestyle destination for its great ambience and exceptional food. With seven distinct interactive kitchens – Northern Indian, Thai, Chinese, Coastal Indian, Arabic, European and Japanese, diners enjoy a large landscaped area at its centre.


The menu at SET’Z has always been the best; a delightful amalgamation of classic, contemporary and modern. But when you cater to an elite class of diners, all of whom are well acquainted with emerging trends and the subtle nuances of gourmet dining, you cannot leave anything to chance. Innovation becomes a constant, new tastes and aromas become the norm, and you find yourself in the centre of a gastronomical revolution.

That’s how it started, the introduction of the new menu at SET’Z.  Each month was dedicated to a particular cuisine. While the happy diners marveled at the sumptuousness of what was already on offer, they were given hundreds of new taste experiences with the chef’s compliments, and each of their remarks was noted down and evaluated. The most popular dishes were again put under minute scrutiny, each element of a dish being carefully analysed, and the choices being distilled down to the most universally pleasing. And in a painstaking process taking 30 days, the menu for one kitchen was finalized, based entirely on the effect it had on the palate of discerning diners, only to repeat the same process all over again in another kitchen the following month.






8  Months – hundreds of guests – 7 kitchens – 7 entirely new menus.

So if you are a regular at SET’Z, walk in from  to relish this fascinating menu, created solely by you. And if you are not yet a regular, taste anything from this menu once, and we are sure you will want to enjoy the SET’Z experience again very soon.

Dine at

Set’z DLF Emporio Mall

3rd Floor, DLF Emporio Mall, Nelson Mandela Marg, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

011 4311 9999/ 9900


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